Steps Toward a Successful Move

Moving Tips

Moving is a massive amount of work. Depending on the size and amplitude of your move, hiring movers and helpers may be the right step. Before this can happen, some major organizational steps need to be taken to make sure you don’t end up like this guy.

Overwhelmed packer

Hiring Movers

Moving men
If you have a long move ahead of you, and a ton to move, hiring help may be the right option. To do it right, initial research about hiring movers and their rates is the most important first step. Find out reviews and complaints about moving companies online before hiring any help. Even ask a few different companies to give written estimates to compare pricing. Keep all of this information in a binder, along with any moving insurance papers. Most companies price the move based on how much stuff is in a home. Want to lower your moving cost? Get rid of some of the clutter in your home.



Yard SaleDecluttering a home makes a move cheaper and easier. Getting rid of clutter means less boxes to pack, less weight in the truck, and less time moving. When packing up boxes, make a three large piles. One pile can be things to keep that go along with the move. Another pile is items to sell in a yard sale or online. The third pile is meant to get rid of items through donation or trash. Be harsh when doing this. The less you have to move, the easier life will be!



Boxes and Labeling

When looking for boxes and containers, it is best to obtain them for free. Get creative! Go toLabeled boxes the local schools, offices, liquor stores, grocery stores and hardware stores. Most times, they want to get rid of their boxes and have no problem handing them out for free. When labeling boxes, be sure to label both the top and the side! When one is covered, the other should be easier to find. When writing labels, number the box, include a short list of what is inside, as well as what room it belongs in. A creative color system could be used to make the boxes for each room more clear. Make a master list of every item you are packing and what box it is in. Create a packing schedule and stick to it to be sure you are ready for the big moving day.


Packing the Truck

Moving truck with boxesKnow the order in which to pack the items. Start with the biggest and heaviest items like sofas, bed frames, and large dressers. Then, move to smaller items like tables and chairs. When stacking boxes on a truck, keep all boxes that belong to each room together. Pack boxes tightly to ensure they don’t roll around in the back of the moving truck and ruin all the contents. Secure boxes with ropes tied to the walls of the truck to keep them from moving. Add mattresses last, for they will provide a block and padding if any boxes become loose. When packing items, take note of the dents and scratches on them. If you have any concerns about the move, photograph the condition of your items for insurance purposes. If you have specialty items like jewelry and important family paperwork, you may not want to send these on the moving truck so make arrangements for these items to come along with you.


When crunch time arrives, here is a timeline of steps to take:

Four weeks from the Move:

  • Make sure you have the right insurance to cover your moveHome costs
  • Begin to use up all the food in the pantry and freezer that you do not plan on packing
    – don’t make any more big grocery store trips.
  • Send announcements to friends and family with the new address and contact information
  • Go to the post office and fill out an address change form


Three & Two  Weeks from the Move:

  • Packing processCancel the mail and newspaper service to the existing address and send it to the new address.
  • Make sure your family has all their needed prescriptions
  • Keep Packing!



One Week from the Move:

  • Have each family member pack as if they were going on a two week vacation
  • Check in with the Moving Company to confirm the date, time and price
  • Compose a binder for the next family moving in offering anything they need to know about the house, any tips, warranties, or entertainment ideas, or an address if they need to forward your mail
  • Unplug your appliances. Let the freezer defrost and make sure gas pipes are unplugged appropriately
  • Turn off utilities in a home after you have packed everything up
  • Clean the house, or hire cleaners to come in after the movers are done to leave the home clean for the next family.

Once successfully moved out of a home, celebrate! The weeks and months of stress and packing are done and a new life full of adventure is about to start!

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