Interior Design Tricks

Home Design Tips and Tricks

Designing a first home should be fun! Even with a low budget, there are plenty of options and styles to choose from. The best part is, there is no rubric for styling a home. It is all up to YOU. A home should be reflective of your tastes and preferences. It should be a place where you feel relaxed, comfortable, and well, at home!


Stick With a Theme

However, if home styling is something you are struggling with, there are a few ways to make the task a little less complicated. Many stylists suggest that, when thinking about styling the rooms of a house, to find an overall path or theme, and stick with it throughout. For a well put togetherthemed room home, a theme carried throughout every room can tie it all together for a clean look. Maybe a clean look is not what you are going for. If you are interested in more charm and character, you could give each room have a different theme! Using colors and patterns to liven up a space to your liking makes it a happier, more livable area.


Smart Tips

neutral walls and floorWhen choosing how to design a room, think about the larger, structural items first. These items are the most expensive and the least likely to change as styles change. For this reason, it may be best to keep these big items of neutral color and style. It may be best to budget for these items first as they are the most permanent in a home. This goes for carpeting and flooring, and maybe wall color as well. None of these are impossible to change, but once you’re moved in and living in a home, these renovations take some serious time and effort. Keeping them more neutral will allow for other easy changes like curtains, pillows and color pallets, to still look good in the room.


Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Small room look largerPutting round rugs in small rooms is one secret to making the room appear larger. A round rug has no real edges, whereas a square rug would give the room a perimeter and enhance the small feeling. Using cool, light and neutral colors help expand any space as well, and allow for color to be enhanced in the use of smaller decorations. Carrying over the wall and floor color to the next room connected to the small room may help make the home seem to have an open concept, and may make the room seem larger. Natural light helps brighten and lighten up any room. It is always a good idea to let as much natural light in as possible. Installing a large mirror in the space will give it more depth and make it appear larger. Hiding clutter in a small space is absolutely necessary. This can easily be done by using multi-use furniture. For example, buy an ottoman than can be a sitting area, coffee table, and clutter storage container!


Remodeling on a Budget

lighting If you’re tired of staring at the same space and you are ready for a change, there are plenty of cheap, easy ideas that will lighten up your home without breaking  your budget. To start, maybe a whole new paint job is out of the budget. However, picking an accent wall and painting it with a bold new color, large stripes, or an ombre design can add flare to any room. This new color can easily be tied in with throw pillows. If you are tired of the old pillows and they no longer fit with the design, get new, fun fabric and recover them! Adding framed remodelingpictures and trinkets  arranged in grids on a wall can add a neat, new focal point. If a room is dreary and in need of some new life, add new light fixtures! New lighten can make any room feel more open and more pleasant to be in. Modernize any room by mixing and matching patterns and styles! This method makes rooms look more fun and charming, as long as the prints and patterns are all tied together with the color pallet! If old furniture is tired and in need of an update, instead of buying completely new pieces and overspending, just reupholster it. Adding pots  with plants or flowers can easily liven up and brighten up spaces, and tie in colors. If it’s a kitchen in need of an update, redo the cabinet hardware. Finding a cool place to display family photos in nice frames is a great focal point for any room. Most importantly, get creative! Any old items can be redone to make rooms feel fresh!


Bedroom Styles

Many designers suggest starting the design project with the bedroom since a great deal of time is spent there. Not many other people are going to see this room. Unlike the livingroom and kitchen, it is not a room that is on display. For this reason, a bedroom should be a room that is the most YOU. Pick a color pallet and style that make you most happy and at peace.Check out this quiz to find out what kind of room suits you, or this quiz to find out your true decorating style.

As for childrens rooms, be prepared for changes as they go through different phases. For this reason, buying items directly related to a certain theme is not the most cost effective method. Items like a chalkboard painted wall, large push pin wall decorator to fill with pictures and artwork, and a more neutral wall color and bed frame will allow for easy changes of blankets, pillows, and other easy to change fixtures. New lamp shades brighten and style up bedrooms with easy. Utilize the doors of storage closets as magnetic boards or other creative outlets for kids to use. Mostly, use as many multi-use pieces as possible for optimal storage opportunities! Kids need a space that hold all of their mess, allows them to think and spark creativity,  allows them to play and have fun, and when it comes time, allows for a great night sleep.

If you are stuck and unsure how to move on with the design of a new home, don’t be ashamed to call an interior designer or use the internet for ideas! There are thousands of outlets for new homeowners to use for advice, ideas, and people to contact for help!